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Deewas is THE man with the biggest heart in the world. He's short, loves soccer and loves to be romantic. He's incredibly sweet, so emotional, and full of love. He loves hard, and He's jealous and protective, but that's what makes him Deewas. He's as adorable as a puppy. Everything about him is amazingly attractive, especially his smile. He knows how to make you laugh and get nervous with his words. I love him because Deewas is the best man you could ever possibly meet.
How was the party last night

It was Deewas
by little pump June 25, 2018
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Someone who will be your close friend but you will soon realize they just want your friends
"omg that girl is such a Deewa but her friend Subrina doesnt realize it yet".
by Shawts.ox September 17, 2017
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