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A school in Portland, Maine mainly composed of your stereotypical cliques, and full of complete douchebags you will want to punch in the balls (you know who you are). Also spends 500 bucks a year on every other club while 20k a year on football. Bought us all laptops to use, which made us harder hit than the national debt, but who cares. Everyone abuses the privilege playing call of duty on them. Not all bad because some kids there sell good weed.

If you know this school, you're better off going to Casco Bay. But not Portland high, Portland high is crappier than Deering.
8th grader: yo man when we graduate lets go to deering high school together.

8th grader2: fuck that, that place is for faggot assholes, lets go to casco bay.

8th grader: sounds good.
by nooba-li-cious June 02, 2011
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