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Spanish. Translation: helmet.

Slang term for head, blow job, cock sucking, oral sex. The term makes its reference to a helmet because obviously a helmet is worn on a head. Hence: casco (helmet). When men use the term, they usually make the motion with their hand of pushing up and down near their crotch, as the motion of the woman bobbing her head up and down during oral sex.
"Esa vieja me dio casco por horas guey! Y se tomo mi leche tambien."
(That bitch gave me head for hours dude! And she drank my milk, too.)

"Tu mama da casco bien rico. Y sin morder el pito, bien suavecito."
(Your mom gives really good head. And without biting the dick, real softly.)
by R.U. Sirius July 31, 2008
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