"Deep Sea" is an affectionately labeled state of being attained by Navy Divers, but not all. To be Deep Sea you must be down for your brethren, drink like a fish, and fuck like a tiger among other more sinister things.
1. Conservation:
Deep Sea Diver #1:
"That skinny 19 year old kid slammed ten jagerbombs, then rawdawged three hookers, and then took a shit in the hotel pool all before the sun went down."

Deep Sea Diver #2:
"Damn, that mutherfucker is Deep Sea already...."

2. "If you ain't Deep Sea, then you ain't shit."

3. "That motherfucker is definitely not Deep Sea..."
by DEEPSEA5343 September 5, 2009
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Deep Sea- A common phrase which no one knows what its true meaning is, it is used in the dive community in a serious manner by people who tend to get erect around the same gender, but it is sometimes used in a non-serious, almost mocking manner by those folks who can't be bothered to care.
" Dude I just did 10 crossfit pulllups " , " Wow thats so Deep Sea." ( Serious )

" If you can't recite the entire dive manual, then I guess your not Deep Sea " ( Non- serious)
by notarmyairforce246 February 20, 2015
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Taking a shit in the lobster tank at Red Lobster.
"The service, as usual, wasn't up to par at the local Red Lobster. To show my unapproval, with the manager and the hot jailbait hostess watching I decided to go deep sea decking on my way out. That'll show them not to serve me cold cheddar bay biscuits."
by king o the sea April 20, 2010
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To emulate a deep sea fishing rod by cupping your testicles and grasping your erected penis on Chatroulette.
Emmons: "Dude, Im deep sea fishing this guy!"
Pauly: "What? No way."
Emmons: "Hook. Line, & Sinker."
Pauly: "That's pretty gay."
by Lusking April 17, 2010
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To go down on a woman (give her oral sex).
I went deep sea diving last night.
by Pete November 10, 2004
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It is when you stick your dick far into the toilet's trapway to fuck the pipes. It simulates real sex and unclogs the pipes
Hustler 1: Yo dog, I can't afford no hoes no more after the GST got raised
Hustler 2: How big's your dick?
Hustler 1: Man I use it as a tripod sometimes when my legs get tired
Hustler 2: Just go deep sea plumbing, you feel me?
by Megatard Maximum October 23, 2019
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A vigorous hand-job that is given or received underwater
-That was a good deep-sea squeeze
-lets try a deep-sea squeeze
by y33t September 26, 2017
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