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Also: Deathin, DEATH

Adjective: To cause to die brutally in a video game or similar internet simulation, often by use of rocket launcher, explosives, pump action shotgun, or in the case of Aliens: Colonial Marines, with the acid traps set by Xenomorphs commonly referred to as loogies.

Noun: Exclamation shouted upon brutally or suddenly killing an opponent (or incidentally yourself) through violent means.
Adjective: Sir Locx spent all day deathig colonial marines with the Spitter. (or) I just deathed myself with that stupid helicopter on Grand Theft. (or) Deathin these idiots isn't even fun anymore. (or) Did you just death yourself? (or) Where were you last night? Deathing.

Noun: (Upon being blasted to pieces) DEATH!!!
by Azanthis June 05, 2013
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‘Deathing’ as it was originally here in Grimsby comes from the term ‘white-death’ when you smoke too much weed, get paranoid, feel really dizzy and sometimes puke everywhere. It was known as ‘white-deathing’ then got shortened to ‘deathin’ and was applied to any unpleasant situation based feelings... well it was when i was growing up anyway...
I'm off home, i'm fucking Deathing mate!
look at that fanny, he's only had one bucket and he's Deathing!
You're a right Deather!
by Wavey Davey June 02, 2011
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The act of dying; synonymous with dying. An incorrect yet fun usage of the word "dying".
I am deathing of laughter.
by Carrie Leigh March 04, 2004
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Intensifer; used to intensify the meaning of a sentence. Also "Deathin" Synonyms: Freakin, frickin, effin.
I'm so deathing bored!
by FlippinTissue August 08, 2005
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