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Extra prescription drugs in which are originally legally obtained but are distributed to non-prescribed individuals for illegal use.
"Hey man, I think I'm gonna ask my friend for some push pills, he takes anxiety meds".
by MarthurSR June 09, 2017
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A glitch found in certain games (such as Zelda: Ocarina Of Time) in which is used to send the player to the credits. It is also a term for killing oneself.
"Ey Zelly Zel, what r u doin?"
"I'm Credit Warping"
"What the hell man don't do that!"
"I Mean in OOT Jackass"
by MarthurSR November 17, 2016
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The act of bullying an individual or group of people relentlessly without remorse.

The term comes from the zombie survival game DayZ, in which the community mostly consists of aggressive and ruthless players held-bent on making newcomers or "Fresh Spawns" absolutely miserable and hopeless. The major in-game town of Chernogorsk (colloquially referred to as Cherno) is often home to these sinister hate-crimes, thus where the term takes its origin.
"Dammit, I keep getting killed immediately by these other players!"

"Me too! They're Cherno Bullying us!"
by MarthurSR July 06, 2021
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When someone says they are going to not do something ever again, and break that statement within the same day.

The term comes from the zombie survival game DayZ, in which people tend to get very angry upon death and state that they will never play the game again. They almost always end up playing the game again the same day.
"Oh dammit I died again in DayZ, I'm never playing this stupid game again!!"

"It's just The DayZ Effect! You'll be playing it again within an hour."
by MarthurSR May 15, 2017
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