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A holiday for men that falls on March 14.

The official website ( says that since Valentine's Day is really a holiday for women, there should be a special day for men. Most men don't want roses or stuffed animals. Men like steak and blowjobs. If the man treats his woman good on Valentine's Day, then she should treat him good on March 14 by giving him the 2 things men enjoy: a steak and a BJ.
Jill: Remember when you spoiled me on Valentine's Day and made me feel special?

Jack: Yes.

Jill: Today is March 14, which is Steak and BJ Day. I made you a delicious steak, and later you're getting an awesome blowjob.
by Urban Guru March 14, 2015
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Steak and BJ day is the male version of valentines day and takes place one month later on March 14th.

Instead of getting flowers and chocolates, you get a steak dinner and a Blowjob! Simples!
Girlfriend: "I'm going out on March 14th, is that ok?"

Boyfriend: "No way, it's steak and BJ day, I wasn't allowed to go out on valentines day! Go to the butchers!"
by G12RY March 14, 2014
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