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The art of giving a random opinion about something you have no idea expecting to be successful, but you never are.
You are "daving" if you say: The currency exchange for CHF must be 3 euros
by AGlezG August 25, 2015
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The act of micro-managing. Breathing over someone's back. To ridicule and degrade to the point of exhaustion. Cracking the whip. Micromanagement. Arises from concern for details, incompetence or insecurity. Regardless of the motivation the effect can create resentment and damage trust. Severe forms of micromanagement usually completely eliminate trust Getting Daved can provoke anti-social behavior. He is usually irritated when a subordinate makes decisions without consulting them, even if the decisions are totally within the subordinate's level of authority.
Stop daving me! I'm already doing it! Don't treat me like a three year old.
by Henry Mayo December 18, 2007
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The combined act of raging and enjoying the music at a dave matthews band concert. Also can occur outside of a concert.
Engaging in a dmb power hour can be considered daving.
by Fishingwithdynamite1 February 24, 2009
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1.To take an excessively long amount of time to perform a straight forward, simple task

2.To be excessively indecisive about a straight forward, simple decision
1. Oi cunt quit your daving you went upstairs to get a jumper and its been 2 and a half hours.

2. Man im just daving the fuck around, ive sat here in the cold for an hour deciding weather to have a cigga first or go and get a jumper
by Cloggers August 22, 2011
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Attending many Dave Matthews Band (DMB) concerts in succession usually as a yearly ritual. Usually pertains to other superfan activities such as stalking the band at the hotel, paying an extraordinary sum of money for the best tickets, making signs and whoring oneself out to get on the tour bus.
Helen needs a week's vacation next month because it's her annual Daving season.
by missmelon August 01, 2008
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To scavenge food off a friend or to pick at leftover food that someone has left on their plate.
"Dave are you daving at my left over pizza"
"Man, I totally Daved the shit out of Jaime's Curry"
"I think I'll go down to the kitchen and do a spot of daving...I hear Ian has just finished a roast dinner"
by Alun Boaler December 17, 2009
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