A man who delivers hits back to back, doesn’t disappoint and is arguably the most successful African artiste
Davido bagged in 100 million streams on his album “A better time” in three day!!
by November 23, 2020
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1. A wonderful musician with lyrics on point🙌🏾
2.Gives us back to back jams
3. He’s one of the best musicians of Africa
4. He’s internationally recognized
He has nice lyrics, he’s such a Davido

He has mad jams, he’s such a Davido
by Dreame May 3, 2019
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He’s a Davido

Wizkid is a Davido
by Mage November 22, 2020
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davidos is a special name like also his caracter and his eyes. He can be a heartbreaker. Davidos had found the love of his life already, but he didn’t get it. He is a person who made other boys jealous but when the right girl is on his side, he is like a little boy and lough over everything.
I want to be nice and cool like davidos.

Davidos open your eyes!
by dorothenilande January 6, 2019
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That lovable guy from Ohio that likes anime and dances to otagei.
"hey Davido-kun"
"EvAnGElIOn s-s-sSuki"

"OHIO Gozaimas"
by dabido kyuuuuuun August 15, 2019
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