To be David Bowie'd means that a man has either:

1. Worn tights without underpants such that the details of their genitals are nearly completely visible to you while you aren't expecting it or,
2. Pulled their pants up so high that said genital details are visible to you.

David Bowie was a rocker, famous mostly in the '80's, who wore tight pants (i.e. tights). His pants were so tight it looked like someone crammed squirrel brains down the front of them. His moose knuckles can be seen in almost every photo of him. For an excellent visual example watch the movie "The Labyrinth". If you do ;however, be aware that you will be David Bowie'd.
John: "BRO!"

Bryan: **with his pants drawn up as high as they will go** "You've been David Bowie'd, John!"
by SPC Nobody February 03, 2012
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Sex move.
The act of poking partner in the eye during or after oral sex. An extremely funy and immature manuever that will guarentee that you will never sleep with that individual again.
Named for famous rocker David Bowie, who is gay, and has two diffrent colored eyes. Speculated that his homosexuality is a contributing factor of his multicolored eyes.
"Chloe got David Bowie'd on her one night stand last night. I do feel sorta bad for her, but if you act like a whore..."

"I heard Jacob pulled a David Bowie on Katy, now she has one green eye and one black one"

"Does Marylin Manson wear contacts, or did he get David Bowie'd?"
by SmackEverything May 01, 2010
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