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Means cigarrette, fag, you know all those things.
by A-low January 30, 2004
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a tight verbal line contained within a rap or freestyle.
1. that dart he just spitted was on fire!
2. my darts can kill an emcee within 5 bars
by Da Dark Side August 11, 2005
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a diahrea fart. A fart where a little liquid escapes with the blow, usually staining the britches.
Could you please excuse Bubba from work? He ate some bad Mexican that gave him the darts so he had to come home to change his drawers...
by Robyn November 20, 2003
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When a dumb blonde actually think a blowjob means that you blow on the penis while it is in her mouth, Causing a male queef or dick-fart.
Sally you are supposed to suck not blow you gave me a painfull case of darts
by Matchew March 3, 2007
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DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transit) is the public train serving Dublin Bay from Malahide and Howth in the North to Greystones in the South of Dublin. It is notorious for spreading diseases among commuters in overcrowded carriages.
A: Dublin DART Sucks.
B: DART still beats the pants off Dublin Bus services.
by Dietrich October 22, 2006
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1.Someone that don’t know shit
2.An insult that attacks a person's intelligence
Ferb's dart ass is being a real jit headass today.
by BHeadassM February 10, 2018
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a term to loosely describe gay sexual activities and antics
andy and tom would play darts very often indeed
by azewing89 January 27, 2007
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