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2 definitions by justin112211

A person who hangs out by a school or tunnel seven days a week. They are usually found selling smokes or weed, or are trying to scrap anyone that comes near them. they commnly say things like "yes bah", "buddy luh", "gimmie dat", "I needs a smoke bah", or "yer a fag". They hang in groups of three to five, usually by a leader to is most commnly the drug dealer or is of age to by beer and smokes.
The leader is usually kicked out when they disrespect another skeet member of the group, this is when a new group forms and is also how they multiply. There language is a form of baymen slash gansta, its quite unique. They all think there gangsters but the language totally throws them off, which then leads most people to call them skeets.
"wheres me smokes bah"
"shut da fuk up"
"yer mudder bah"
"wheres me fukin smokes bah"
"look at them skeets by the tunnel"
by justin112211 September 12, 2006
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hey, what kind of darts do you smoke?
i loves darts yiss
by justin112211 September 11, 2006
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