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4 definitions by da_man

You wanna chill here while i have this dart?
by da_man April 22, 2003
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One of the best CS players in the USA, i think. From some of the most excellent westcoast powerhouse such as W.E.W *D|2* Fyrezone Silentzero G5. RSFX aka relentle$s isn't as active as he use to be, but his skills are remaining the same fo sho. We call him rsfx da domination fragmachine my nizzle fo shizzle.
<CPLCast-CS-9> *D|2* | relentle$s 6/0 killed SK|Christensen <HeatoN> 0/2 with knife
by da_man August 9, 2004
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When a woman, has a food inserted into her Vagina or Asshole. Can be with Speculum or Without. Sometimes she can be fucked with food inside, but this is not required. Then, she squats over the person who inserted the food and pushes the food out of her Vagina or Asshole into their waiting mouth below who gulps it down.
I just completed Gulping a cupcake from my girls Vagina.
by da_man February 7, 2014
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party, jam, shin-dig,
You hitting up that jig at D's place tonight?
I heard there was a jig going down in Sauga today.
by da_man April 22, 2003
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