when a dog walks and sits simultaniously in order to get the cling-ons off his ass. see wordscooter poopword
dammit, the dog is moon walking again. and all over the bed too! damn dog.
by namey mcnameberson August 01, 2003
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When you have to take a shit so bad, you have to walk slow, like you are on the moon, on your way to the bathroom.
I was holding my poop for so long at Walmart, I was moon walking all the way to the stalls. I didn't make it though and I crapped by the tvs.
by Carve a ham! August 17, 2011
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Dawg, I Swear them moon walks was pullin a Michael Jakson at the light! Dem hoes was choppin like a lumber jack!
by Big Nic A.K.A. Baby Blue June 02, 2003
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In Super Smash Bros. Melee, characters who's walk-acceleration is lower than their traction value after wavelanding backwards can buffer a slight walk forwards to decrease the momentum lost. The walk input must be at its lowest value to perfectly execute the tech. (rough translation of inputs) Characters with low traction (Luigi) benefit worse than those with higher traction values in Melee. (i.e Gannondorf can benefit from the Koopa Backdash Wave Slide Hover Walk Moon Landing more than Luigi in terms of distance)
Youtube has more info on this.
The Koopa-Backdash-Wave-Slide-Hover-Walk-Moon-Landing can make virtually anyone feel like they are playing on ice.
by Do_mmar September 10, 2020
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