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Darius is a fun, loving, caring ,friend. he is very athletic and loves sports. He is a risk taker and is good at everything he does.He can give good advice, He can also have special talents. He can also be very funny at times. He tries to help people in the things he is great at and he usually wins lots of things,(Awards,trophies,certificates). Everybody knows Darius. and everybody likes him. he is not the smartest but pretty smart. He is the best person in the world and is good looking
by Flabby Chicken October 27, 2016
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An intelligent and manipulative person. A Darius will have wisdom and sexual prowess far beyond those of someone who has lived many lifetimes, usually ignoring the ignorant and those not worthy of life. Considered highly dangerous, a Darius will know your thoughts before you do. A Darius will be hedonistic, relentless, and above all unpredictable. DO NOT attempt to make contact with a Darius if not prepared.
"Is Darius coming here?!" -Jack
"He should be here within the hour." -John
"Alert everyone." -Jack
"Get the damned guns, Army, Police, Anyone!" -Jack
"It's too late for us" -John
by hellokitty911 November 28, 2009
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A magical person that helps with problems
oh my god, that darius helped with my divorce
no way, another darius helped with my homework
by quinnsaneskimo February 23, 2008
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The best Call of Duty player that has ever existed. His talents are definitely proven through games such as World at War, Modern Warfare, and Modern Warfare 2. The legitimate God of Call of Duty.
Player: Woah! We just got like totally whooped by some amazing player.

Darius/MKB RN: Yes, I know. I really am the best--don't be ashamed of your defeat.
by Darius817 May 11, 2009
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The sexy beast that has the ability to have sex with any female,play saxophone,rock an afro,Love playing MVC2 and DDR
Im glad to be a Darius
by General Ganon October 28, 2008
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A sexy beast that can get any girl to have sex with him. He is also the master of everything (particularly having sex). Recent definitions are champion and the chosen one with a 13 inch wonderstick

Ex. Whoa a darius visitid me last night and showed me his wonderful powers.
I love having sex with darius
by Total pwnage June 02, 2009
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