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The Persian Conquering King; has passed to his Iranian ancestors the ability to be the best at everything. Also, after kissing any girl, aforementioned girl will fall directly in love with him, although often denies this fact after getting rejected.
Girl 1: So you got with that guy last night?
Girl 2:Sure did, thing is, I think he's a Dariush.
Girl 1: You falling in love with him?
Girl 2: Yeah think so, don't tell anybody though because I think he's a bit of a player!
by SwedeBoy February 21, 2010
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usually referred to as the biggest homosexual of a group. Never shuts up when he is told and is known for loud crazy outbursts.
He's just like a Dariush because he never stops talk. SO annoying.
by P-buddy October 04, 2012
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Often known as β€œfree the bindi’s” and loves his own soundcloud AL QAEDA. Dariush often stalks Jen Jen and loves men a lot. He can often fantasize about men and has a small peen. Watch out for Dariush or him and mehrdad will hop on the track. Famous for his logic concert feature dariush will often moan about Nani. Tell Jen Jen to watch out as he is known for his rapist like outbursts.

Yours sincerely,
Kevin Windell
That dariush has a lot of back hair
by 123456.32 April 29, 2019
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A smelly homosexual with a ginger slag of a mum and a FOB dad, Mehrdad is his name if you wondered. His latest victim was Jacobs nan, if you check his soundcloud (NOT PLUGGING IT) he has violated her. His back is extremely sweaty and hairy, to put it into context a prince could climb up it. Malcom Nelson beloved dad, grandad and disappointment his one aim for this world was to purify as a white male but managed to give off a smelly homo with long back hair.

P.S. Darius wont be able to read it bc its not Arabic
have you seen that Dariush his grandads dead.
by baker424542 May 28, 2019
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Darius has a sweaty back
Darius likes men
James loves Darius
Darius last went out with a man
Darius is a Muslim

Darius has a mop on his head
Darius has a ginger mother
Darius has an Iranian daddy
Darius has a ginger brother
Darius will put you in his minecraft prison
Yours sincerely, HAMISH
That Dariush eats pork and lots of bacon
by 123456.32 May 28, 2019
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