Where a woman's body is covered with freckles and it makes her sexy.
by Deep blue 2012 September 26, 2009
Adjective, derogatory, to describe a man whose attitude towards women is aggressive, derogatory, sadistic, de-humanising or overly sexualised, and who is therefore likely to be immature, dishonest and lacking in both intellect and sexual prowess.

May be abbreviated to "dap".
"He is well fit"

"Nah, he's dappled. I wouldn't touch him with a bargepole"
by pseudo999 August 27, 2009
an apple with a top hat and a monocle
"Hey let's dress up that apple with a top hat and monocle,we'll call it a dapple"
by gingah owl July 5, 2013
It's when you give someone "props" or "dap" (positive recognition)not using the hands, but instead using apples. Yes the fruit. But at times you can use the actual Apple Computer.
Dap: Positive recognition.
Apple: Fruit and or Apple computer brand. (Rarely, but at times you may use Chris Martin's (Lead singer of Coldplay)daughter "Apple" as well when giving "dap".)

Example: Dude, you got the new iPhone, wow gimmie some Dapples!

by FooBrite December 10, 2007
Mark with spots or rounded patches.
An animal whose coat is marked with patches or spots. (Dapple)
by TimothyFaggot June 11, 2010
(n) Being retarded, your adorableness is the only thing that keeps you around. (imagine a slow pitiful petting of the head). Equivocal with being a really cute, slightly stupid male.
"I got back together with my boyfriend. When I discovered his actions weren't malicious. He was just being a dapple retard"
by gypsyfire October 13, 2011
A phrase used by Tommy Guerrero in the classic Powell-Peralta skateboarding movie "The Search for Animal Chin". Tommy exclaims this near the end of the movie after Steve Caballero pulls a half cab to fakie. Used today in exclamation regarding one's skateboarding trick or prowess.
*Switch Inward Heelflip* "Well yapple-dapple!"
*Tony Hawk does a 900* "Well yapple dapple!"

Really the only way to use the word.
by n0m0refliptricks!!1 September 25, 2011