Simply to put it. An absolute MADLAD, brutish at times and likes a good laugh.
Someone : He rammed through the enemies so easily!
Someone’s friend: I know right! He’s probably a Danny.
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by N0vember June 09, 2019
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Danny is a really nice person to talk to he is very quiet a first but will eventually come out of his shell. When u first meet a danny dont just abandon him just because he is shy get to know him and trust me he could be the love of your life. He doesnt really like much sports but is very good at being dramatic. He is a laugh and he will always make you feel like your the best. He loves you no matter what but sometimes gets put down by things you may say so make sure your just as nice as he is to you. Dannys are so lovely and caring and will treat you right. If he is ever your boyfriend/bestfriend dont ever leave his side or you will regret it. Danny will be by your side through thick n thin and usually is a family person. He will make time for you and let you do your own thing he isnt a pushy person. Make sure not to push him to much though. If you meet a danny make sure to never let him go because he is the best person you will ever meet.
Whos that really shy person who just joined our school ??

Its my old friend danny he is such a laugh isnt he.
by Somiafaw March 07, 2019
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An absolute unit of power this man is a pure g who will dominate everything and anyone
by dannymaster69&#_#' June 01, 2021
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