Used when referring to someone or something that is extremely/overlwhelmingly good-looking or delicious. Off the scale ( mainly used/made by the one they call SL)
I'm telling you now, that girl is Danko to the Maxo
Can't lie that meal was Danko to the Maxo
by SL DILIGENT August 23, 2019
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South African for Thank you (Danke jou) of Zulu origins
You: Here is the lighter

Me: Danko!

Me: Can I crash at your place
You: Yes
Me: Danke
by PawelMahooana March 4, 2022
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Comes from the Afrikaans word Dankie meaning thanks.

This word is popular in South Africa
Boy: here’s the chips you wanted

Boy2: danko
by Uh-na-lo October 10, 2021
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To say thank you when something good happens, or you can just shout it out to show you're in a good mood. Originated in Southie/South Africa.
I passed the exam! Danko is thank you!
by Akekhougogo January 8, 2022
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An item or experience that is not worth the price you have to pay, as in the dining at San Francisco based Gary Danko Restaurant.
Oh wow that’s a nice Maserati!

Nah, that’s just Danko.
by MrsKP August 4, 2018
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When something is the dank'est
How is your lunch today josh?

el danko mate, my mum smashed it today
by J4mmmmmmy July 26, 2022
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