Comes from The Fifth Element, where Leeloo says "danko" after receiving new clothes from the priest's assistant.

Means "thank you", but can be said randomly.
"Here's the report."

by cdd527 December 03, 2004
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Danko is another word for a police officer. The term is non-derogatory and originated in the Baltimore area. It can also be used in the form of a verb danko'd.
I can't believe I got danko'd last night! I was only going five miles over the limit!
by KyserTheHun February 07, 2011
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Johnny: Hey, I'm going to go danko that small cat.

Randy: Whatcha mean, Johnny?


Randy: Oh fuck! He's eating the cat!
by MrRapist69 July 08, 2011
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Adjective meaning a person who enjoys drawing people naked and making inappropriate references to stuff including musical books tv shows and you and your friends relationships
Friend 1: "Hey it would be great if you two made out"

Friend 2: "No it wouldn't ugh your such a danko"
by Mackey the Fish February 09, 2017
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An item or experience that is not worth the price you have to pay, as in the dining at San Francisco based Gary Danko Restaurant.
Oh wow that’s a nice Maserati!

Nah, that’s just Danko.
by MrsKP August 04, 2018
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