Comes from The Fifth Element, where Leeloo says "danko" after receiving new clothes from the priest's assistant.

Means "thank you", but can be said randomly.
"Here's the report."

by cdd527 December 4, 2004
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Musician in The Band, the most humble, friendly and nicest guy you'll ever meet. Amazing singing voice, great bass player!
by AlmightyDublin December 10, 2013
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A device used to smoke the refer. All you need is a small bucket, a sweatshirt, and some tape. You take the sweatshirt and put it over the bucket so that the bottom of the shirt goes over the hole in the bucket. Tape the bottom of the shirt to the bottom of the bucket so that when you stick your head through the shirt, your head will be in the bucket. You then get friends to blow smoke through the sleeves of the shirt, thus entering the bucket and crumping you up. Probably the greatest invention ever.
Josh was "hot-boxing" in the danko-lantern.
by Dontell August 21, 2007
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The dankest meme on the meme scale.

Danko memeo videos consist of a bunch of dank memes sped up and played with ear rape.
Guy 1: Dude watch this video!
Guy 2: Is it going to be another Danko Memeo video?
Guy 1: Hell yeah! Watch!
Guy 2: rest in peace ears mate
by Double-Yoshi-Exploshi April 7, 2017
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This canadians are the most powerful band on earth, the band consist on:

Mango Kid: Guitar, Vocals
Bass: John Calabresse
Drums: Dan Cornelius

They mix blues and rock mostly with a power never seen on another band.

note: being a powerful band doesn't mean that it's a hardcore band.
dude #1: hey, how was the Danko Jones concert?
dude #2: this guy really knows how to rock.
dude #1: deamn! I really want their live DVD ASAP, because they will never come to my town.

Hey Danko! I will burn in hell with you.
by Dr. Evening October 6, 2006
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A dude that eats prime pussy. Prime not as in the quality of the meal, but rather the quality of the eating. Or any guy with a big tongue, as well.

Origins lie in the disshelved-looking lead singer of the band Danko Jones, and his huge neanderthal tongue.
"Jess says he's a Danko, eh?"
"He pulled a Danko Jones on me the other night. I came 3 times!"
by El_Gordo August 25, 2004
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