When you are in a dangerous situation i.e. the danger zone
"You know what's dangerous? Your obsession with me. Seriously Lana, call Kenny Loggins because you're in the Danger Zone."
by SterlingArcher March 25, 2010
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The term used to refer to the time when you crush unrequitedly upon your best friend. After you get over it, the two of you forever call that period of time the danger zone.
Person 1- I do hope you are not entering the danger zone again

Best friend- No, I’m over you
by H.M.S. Sesquipedalophobia July 21, 2023
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The state of being in which you are so drunk that one or more of the following may occur: 1) Trouble speaking/walking 2) Throwing up 3) Being incapable of making simple decisions.
People in the danger zone are beyond being wavey yet are not quite drunk enough to need to go home.
Lewis - 'Can't believe I got with her last night, I was in the danger zone'

Dushane - 'I was in the danger zone, don't remember a thing'

Megan - 'How was your night'
Jack - 'It was good, I was flirting with the danger zone'
by Troy Lazar March 8, 2014
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The last pockets of gas in the colon before the creamy goodness emerges from the stinkhole.
Man, we gotta pull over that last fart was in the danger zone.
by Prince Albert the Third October 24, 2008
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The male or female rectal area...
Man she asked for it in her danger zone,

When she wasnt expecting it i slipped it in her danger zone she was pissed,
by Hailjimbob May 10, 2008
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A term used to infer that you just ripped one. After farting, simply say "Danger Zone" and the area has been warned.
After ripping the big one, Timmy had one thing to say: "Danger Zone!" (Everyone immediatly left the area.)
by Jay-Dub-Are May 5, 2008
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