A game where all your favourite characters will most likely die, so you can forget about being too attached to them.
Question: What do all my favourite characters from Dangan Ronpa have in common?

Answer: T H E Y ' R E A L L F U C K I N G D E A D
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The worst visual novel/game you'll ever come to know. Dr for short, it's basically Ace Attorney but more story oriented. Dangan Ronpa will ruin your life. Komaeda killed my best friend. There are too many spinoffs (what even is dr 2.5 lmao). Don't join the fandom don't be like me I'm just a dweeb writing definitions where did I go wrong

Also memes yes dr memes.
"Why is practically every fan-favorite character in Dangan Ronpa dead?"
by Aristre December 25, 2016
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dangan ronpa is a game where 15 excelled students are put into a school called Hopes Peak Academy, then forced to murder eachother in hopes to escape the hellhole ran by some physcopath stuffed bear
me: dangan ronpa is some jacked up shit
tumblr: yeah
by apersonwhoisboredrightnow September 16, 2013
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It's a weeb version of games like Ace Attorney, nobody but edgy teenagers with superiority complexes who say blood is cool but are too scared to play games with actual red blood enjoy the series in a non casual manner.
When played just for fun, it's good enough but analyzing anything will lead you to a wall as every character is based on a stereotype and has bland backstories, specially in the fourth entry in the game series, Danganronpa V3 where the final plot twist is literally just a edgier version of "it was all just a dream!" twist.
P.S:The animes are shit, don't bother with them.
"Hey weren't you a Dangan Ronpa fan?"
"I was but then I analyzed a character and realized how shitty the writing is!"
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a term to say dangitgrandpa. Dangitgranpa is a term to say danganronpa. Danganronpa is a game/anime where all the your favorite characters die.
by GayDanganronpaAddict October 19, 2021
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