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A game where all your favourite characters will most likely die, so you can forget about being too attached to them.
Question: What do all my favourite characters from Dangan Ronpa have in common?

Answer: T H E Y ' R E A L L F U C K I N G D E A D
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Lindsey Graham is a consummate Trump Fluffer.
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A game and anime series taking place in a dystopian world where a group of talented Japaneese teens (which you should probably not be to attached to) are rounded up and forced to murder each other by a chaos - loving, black - and - white animatronic teddy bear.

Once a murder has occurred, the mostly untrained, remaining students will then be given a short while to search for any trace of evidence before partaking in a trial, where ideas are refuted and statements are shut down, with the entire trial leading up to a grisly, over - the - top, sometimes brutal, sometimes hilarious executions. (Like being blasted off into space, getting crushed by a Tetris block, or being transformed into butter, for example). Once the remaining students finally escape their prison, they then find out that the world was destroyed and in a state of anarchy, and the survivors then go on to do some more heroic shit and eventually save the world in the end.

However, all of the afforementioned info (save for the trial mechanics) are all seemingly shut down by the third game in the series, revealing that the killing games were nothing but seasons of a reality TV Show based on a video game and anime series. Despite the numerous amounts of evidence, the authenticity of the statement was never confirmed, up to this day.
Man, This Danganronpa game is some messed up shit.
by J-Son B. Retta January 10, 2018
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A game with a really ridiculous and over-the-top concept but is surprisingly deep. Nearly every quote is a fucking meme.
Hey dude I played this game called Danganronpa where this dude literally turns into butter
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The new Hopeโ€™s Peaks academy proudly presents A game of life and death
โ€œ Have you heard of Danganronpa?โ€
โ€œ the game with where a sadist bear wants people to die with Junko Enoshima?โ€
โ€œ yeahโ€
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by ViolentBlossom August 04, 2019
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dangan ronpa is a game where 15 excelled students are put into a school called Hopes Peak Academy, then forced to murder eachother in hopes to escape the hellhole ran by some physcopath stuffed bear
me: dangan ronpa is some jacked up shit
tumblr: yeah
by apersonwhoisboredrightnow September 15, 2013
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Danganronpa is basically a weeaboo visual novel game, with a few spin-off anime. The game takes place inside of a certain space, trapping 15-16 exceeding high school students from a place known as 'Hope's Peak Academy' inside. Whether it's a school, an island, or even some ship in space, the theme is the same. Said students are then forced to kill each other to get out by some black and white demonic teddy bear. The game gives you a small amount of time to get attached to the characters, before a murder happens, and the game basically an becomes ace attorney, in a trial to find the killer. The killer is then executed in various inhumane ways, unless it's a suicide, then your favorite character dies after they come back. The game gives you *just enough time* between each killing, to get you attached to the cast, but then proceeds to fucks them over.
My favorite fucking Danganronpa character because of fucking Komaeda! I cried in a fucking corner all fucking day!
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by BoredWeeaboo February 10, 2018
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