A pointless reality show in which "celebrities" (aka washed up musicians, actors, and athletes who people may or may not have ever heard of before) sadly attempt to dance their way to fame and fortune.
Why do millions of people watch Dancing With the Stars? It is pathetic!
by MINIM0NSTER April 22, 2009
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A mothers favorite show that takes over her life.

Father: Hey honey what's for dinner tonight?
*nervously watches his two boys rip apart the cabinet*

Mother: Shut up I'm watching dancing with the stars!
Mother TV Shows Dancing With The Stars
by Dancer1334 October 24, 2012
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A show on ABC that follows singers, actors, and athletes as they work with their professional dance partners to learn different genres of dance. Each week they perform a different dance and the next night one couple is eliminated. The last couple standing is crowned the winner.
Indy 500 star, Helio Castroneves ditched the racecar and learned to cha cha cha! I can't believe he won Dancing With The Stars!
by Ms. Apprentice March 4, 2008
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1. A dancing show on ABC
2. A video game based on the show for PlayStation 2 & Wii
1. Dancing with the Stars featured Monique Coleman from High School Musical

2. Dancing With The Stars on Wii is like DDR with your hands, but the PS2 version is like the Bratz games. Yecch!
by Cloe589 March 10, 2008
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One of XNMI’s hardest songs on the “Self Reflection TAPE
Yoo, did you listen to Dancing with the stars by XNMI yet?
by XNMI December 18, 2022
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