the 27th PICK OF THE 1983 draft, since there were only 28 teams back then, dipshit. his defenses were consistently near the bottom of the league and never truly had a great running back. when asked to give up the ball to the running game, he did out of desire to win a championship, only to find that the players jimmy johnson picked at that position were duds. in most experts opinion, he is at least on a par with any quarterback in nfl history. probably a victim of his own statistics, because idiots like don shula figure "if we just rely on danny to pass teh ball all game, we're bound to win a super bowl eventually". peers of his like john elway, had the fortune of having a coach with a brain, who realizes that you will not win superbowls unless you have a balanced attack on offense and a solid defense.
idiots would call marino selfish, but i wonder how far those teams would have gone relying on teh running game and defense they didn't have
by Michael Scholl April 5, 2005
Master of the Pig-skin. Suck on that Peyton.
Dan Marino threw downfield. Pass Complete. Touchdown.
by Johnny Pseudonym January 19, 2005
Miami Dolphins quarterback for 17 seasons. Without a doubt the best quarterback in history. Posessed the quickest release known to man. Would read defenses like a hawk and would consistantly have phenominal seasons. A true champion and an incredible competitor.
Mr. Marino is definitely superior to all quarterbacks to have played the game including the over-rated Joe Montana, which by the way had a running game and a defense to help him get his Super Bowl rings.
by Isabel April 20, 2005
he was quarterback for the Miami Dolphins from 1983-1999. he was the best pure passer in the game. he's arguably the greatest quarterback of all time. he owns every major quarterback record in the NFL, and is at least in the top 10 of most of the other QB records. he only went to the superbowl once and lost in 1984. however, for 17 seasons he never complained or asked to be traded despite the fact that his team had no other playmaker other than him, no running game, and no defense. he's second in career wins with 147 (john elway had 148).
if dan marino was on the 49ers instead of joe montana, he would have won every superbowl in the 80s.

if dan marino had terrell davis in the backfield like john elway did, there'd be no reason to have an NFL season in the 90s.

don't let anyone say marino wasn't a clutch performer. no QB in nfl history has more game-winning or game-tying drives coming in the last 2 minutes than number 13.
by paki December 18, 2004
Term given to someone who possesses no jewlery.

Since Marino never won a superbowl, he doesnt have a superbowl ring.

Can also be used to describe an older single woman.
"That fool is broke, he's Dan Marino"
"That chick doesnt have a ring on that finger, she's a Dan Marino"
by Mo Meta April 25, 2006
A selfish football player, who has everyone thinking he had no talent, despite he was 31th pick in the draft(to a SB team). They say he had no defense, but his defense had the name Killer B's(that's not a name for a sorry defense since it sounds cool), they said he had no running back(the truth is his HBs never got any carries), they always ranked high on pass offense(once again no carries for the HB and like were top 5 in pass attempts), and he tried to win a lot of games by himself.
the truth is Dan Marino owns just about every career passing record cause he was selfish, still same old from college(his team was #1, but he cost them, cause he was so busy trying to win the national championship) people kiss his ass cause he has records but no rings and they don't blame him.
by Your mom March 28, 2005
So you're fucking a girl doggy style and you act like her cooch is getting dry so you say "Hold up baby, let me get some lube". Except you don't get lube; you get a fucking NFL sized football with a Miami Dolphins logo on it. She's just moaning and waiting for the KY and you set up that pigskin laces out. Then you yell "MARINOOOOO!!!" and kick that ball for her two holes. You have a friend waiting in the closet who jumps out and gives the field goal sign yelling "Laces out Dan!!". If it's in her pussy (and sticks): 1 point, and if it's in her ass (and sticks): 3 points. In addition, if you carry the girl out to a large body of salt water, with the football stuck in either hole, then it's 6 points and a mermaid will jump out of the ocean/sea/brackish swamp with arms up and yell "TOUCHDOWN!!!" as you spike that ho into the water.
Casey- "Dude, that girl at your place last night looked pretty washed up this morning"

Justin- "Yeah man. Well, you can't blame her- I pulled The Dan Marino on that bitch. And... I went for the touchdown."
by ASHEVILLE BEAST October 13, 2009