when maintaining a solid A average but getting a heavily weighted B ruins your whole GPA.
Maia: "so how were your final exams?"
Rachel: "ugh, I got killer B's on all of them, they were pretty hard"
Maia: "that sucks balls"
by youcookedyourfoot? December 1, 2009
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The name for someone named Peter Bishop, and is very scientific and gay.
Student "MR Bishop, what are you doing to that gerbil?"

killer B "Nothing student, Just giving it the old Two Dogs in a Bathtub."
by tony greco November 3, 2007
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A name for the Plan B pill(The early abortion pill)
"Do you have a condom?"
"No but i have the Killer B pill, so we're okay"
by Jocclark May 10, 2009
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