5 definitions by Mo Meta

Term given to a trouble making young boy.

Can be used if person is a small adult with a child like build.
"Steven is always making jokes that skinny wee bugger"
by Mo Meta April 25, 2006
Term given to someone who possesses no jewlery.

Since Marino never won a superbowl, he doesnt have a superbowl ring.

Can also be used to describe an older single woman.
"That fool is broke, he's Dan Marino"
"That chick doesnt have a ring on that finger, she's a Dan Marino"
by Mo Meta April 25, 2006
1. A man of few words
2. To be straightforward to someone, with very few words

To kick it straight and to be straight up"

Taken from Colombo the detective
"I'll be Colombo with you... your getting Fat"
by Mo Meta April 25, 2006
1. To be clutch and to come through when it matters the most.

To be a performer in pressure situations, and to never be rattled or affected by tense situations.

2. reffered to someone who gets the Job done by making it look easy.

A winner

3. Can be used as a term to describe someone with alot of rings.
"I had my test yesterday, but I was Tom Brady."
"That kid be mad calm when police come around, he's straight Tom Brady"
by Mo Meta April 25, 2006
A generic mp3 player built like an Ipod. Tries to be an Ipod
"That ain't an Ipod, that thing is a trypod"
by Mo Meta April 25, 2006