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"I keep my girlfriend flooded with ice."
by isabel April 11, 2003

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to handle
"You can't fade this shit."
by isabel April 11, 2003

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Miami Dolphins quarterback for 17 seasons. Without a doubt the best quarterback in history. Posessed the quickest release known to man. Would read defenses like a hawk and would consistantly have phenominal seasons. A true champion and an incredible competitor.
Mr. Marino is definitely superior to all quarterbacks to have played the game including the over-rated Joe Montana, which by the way had a running game and a defense to help him get his Super Bowl rings.
by Isabel April 19, 2005

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ostentatiously displaying your valuable gear
"I was flossin'this weekend in my new Escalade with its phat-ass rims."
by isabel April 11, 2003

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An acronym for Girls LIke It Up The Ass. Can be used as a noun or verb.

Something is a gliuta, as in they enjoy it up the ass OR they can be gliuted, as in they do it doggy style.

Created by my Group A ( the A stands for BeautifuL )
I am a walking advertisement for Gliuta.
by Isabel November 23, 2004

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place for a cam whore to meet horny guy.
i'm going on thedilly to find someone to cyber with!
by isabel January 17, 2004

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The vegetable of choice by fifth avenue mothers for fifth avenue babies/toddlers. As mentioned in the cult novel 'The Nanny Diaries'
Can you buy my baby more edamame? Make sure it comes in sterilised crystal jars and don't step on my prada shoes.
by Isabel January 12, 2004

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