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Clearly the most over-rated quarterback in NFL history. Truth be told that his SuperBowl appearances and victories would have never happened if he no defense, no running game and no Jerry Rice. Without these he would have been a less than average quarterback. I just wonder what he would have accomplished with a bad defense and non-existant running game like Dan Marino had.
As far away from God as possible. Just an average \"Joe.\"
by Isabel April 27, 2005
"i went on livejournal today to tell all of my non-friends about my boring day and post a picture of me wearing some stupid glasses i got at urban outfitters...what a waste of time!"
by Isabel June 24, 2004
Miami Dolphins quarterback for 17 seasons. Without a doubt the best quarterback in history. Posessed the quickest release known to man. Would read defenses like a hawk and would consistantly have phenominal seasons. A true champion and an incredible competitor.
Mr. Marino is definitely superior to all quarterbacks to have played the game including the over-rated Joe Montana, which by the way had a running game and a defense to help him get his Super Bowl rings.
by Isabel April 20, 2005
Holy crap, i so wanna eat chex mix with Tom.
by Isabel January 2, 2005