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Group of 4 different unconventional people who made everlasting bond that means they have funky fun and bring in chocolates and eat them TOGETHER. They also play games
OMD they are such a dala
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by coolfishinthesea March 02, 2017
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your salad spelled backwards ;)
same as getting your salad tossed.
i was goin down on ole girl last night and accidentally gave her a dalas. she's called me 87 times since.
by tonguepunch June 09, 2012
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Dalas : school girl by day,stripper by night.
Dalas is a nerd athletic.
Dalas's are very loyal and will often do anything to please you.
Even if it's sucking your dick.
Like I said she can be a hoe.
Damn she's looking fine!

Must be a Dalas
by UrbanDictionaryDiva1610 May 10, 2017
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