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A very generous, loving guy, always know the right thing to say to a girl. Never disrespects one either. Shows a hard shell but inside there is care. Once you start talking to him your attached. Very humorous, keeps everyone laughing never a dull moment when your around him. Very cocky but what can you say.
by allie cortez October 10, 2011
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A extremely cute, tall, and funny guy that loves getting money and loves basketball. Dajon gets alot of girls but deep down he jus want one he can love shows a hard shell like he doesn't care about nothing but really does. Dajon is antisocial and like to be alone but once you start talking to one you'll be attached for life
Dajon is always by his self.
Dajon is so cute and funny I wish he would be my man
by bobby gillus January 02, 2017
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man with large penis and may seem cute and funny but is passionate and serious when you get to know him.Also can be very funny around friends and only trust a handful of people
by themanofthehourireallycntlie August 17, 2011
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