1. Singular consumption on a daily basis, such as a morning coffee or a newspaper
2. Shocking internet culture injected into your monitor by strangers
Example 1
Jack: Sounds like stoner doom metal.
John: Yeah, my daily dose of.

Example 2
Jack: I was browsing some shit and had my daily dose of Piccolo!
John: Lay off the internet, it's fucking with your head
by Deusnut December 10, 2014
1- Singular or recommend amount taken 2- Heavy dosage of drug
Actor 1: Jack, you gonna have daily dose of your lsd today
Actor 2: I already got my daily dose g
by facadeholder December 26, 2018
Daily dose A.K.A. P.O.O.P. is the best thing ever. Most people eat it, but if you make an oopsie in class, you just flatten it down and grill it at night. Most people share their daily dose with their significant other, but sometimes their only significant other is their daily dose. Some people have their daily dose come out of their ears, eyes. etc. Dressing is always good to put on it. 2000/10 Recommend.
Lily: I put my daily dose in my mailbox for you!

Penelope: I know! It was scrumptious
by p1e2n3e4l5o6p7e March 31, 2020
An amazing YouTuber who never click baits.
"Can we just appreciate how Daily Dose of Internet never click baits?"

-Overused comment.
by Lemmy_Fan November 5, 2020
Shows you thing you could of lived your life without knowing for example

The three gorges dam slowed down the worlds rotatain

Me: WTF i didnt need to know that your just a youtuber not a scientist
Daily dose of internet is a youtubet
by Hello help me September 13, 2020
The one thing you crave before you can start your day. That being a moment of pure stupidity usually coming from a friend.
Friend: dude are you okay
Me: no i haven't had my daily dose of autism
by karentookthevegetables June 28, 2019
basically the channel who post 1000000 iq stuff
hi this is your daily dose of internet is what he says
by Phu The Writer May 11, 2022