Daiki is referred as the nicest guy in the world. Even though he has issues with love, He is usually generous. HE is really good at sports and can attract girls with a smile. If you are a Daiki, you are very lucky

Daiki is indeed a epic fortnite player and legend says that he also beat Ninja

Daiki is a little below average in terms of studies but he is well ahead in terms of sports for his age
Daiki is cool Af
by Hahauhahajshsbhz January 23, 2019
Japanese nickname name given to a weak guy. Usually for the uke in a yaoi relationship
"That Daiki is such an uke!"
by Yaoishota December 20, 2014
Im in my feelings right now and in major need of some daiky to pass over as my mood.
by xXwordsbyunknownXx November 11, 2018
daiki has fun at night he always has fuck
by jkbcdsbckj October 4, 2018
any asian person, boy or girl, from any country at all.
Teacher: how many daikis are there in china?
Student: uhh... 1.3 billion daikis?
Teacher: correct! china has 1.3 billion daikis and they are being imported to the U.S.
by daikibro June 12, 2016
Daikie is The Stoned Oracle and has infinite wisdom. When you meet him, it is best to immediately get on your knees and praise the great Oracle.

Many people have been blessed by Daikie, and he does have an ego but if you dig a little you will find it is false, and he is very humble.

Daikie did not ask for his vast intelligence, and it can pester him at times because being that smart really can be a curse at times.

Daikie is full of love and just enough sarcasm to make him hillarious, dark and charming.

If Daikie cares about you, consider yourself lucky.
Person 1"Have you met Daikie?"
Person 2 "You mean the stoned Oracle?! That guy saved my life."
by LaoUzu February 20, 2019
Aomine is a character of the popular basketball anime called Kuroko no Basuke. Due to not learning the forms of basketball but instead playing streetball when he was younger, his play is incredibly fast and unpredictable.

He was one of the 6 members of Teikou Middle School's elite basketball team, called the Generation of Miracles. He used to be Kuroko Tetsuya's partner or "light" (with Kuroko being the "shadow" that supported him). He also inspired Kise Ryouta to play in his second year of middle school. He used to be light, outgoing, and joked a lot - until his talent bloomed, and his talent progressed way over a normal middle schooler's level. He stood out above everyone else and crushed all his opponents. The game started to become boring to him, for there was no challenge. He started to think that nobody could ever match him, which is why he is now an arrogant, egotistic, uncaring jerk-ass bastard. A dick among dicks.

...But one of the hottest damn characters there ever was.

Currently, he is the ace of Touou Academy. He has now found his rival in Kagami Taiga, who is the new "light" to Kuroko, both in Seirin.

(I'm not going to write any more, in case someone wants to stay spoiler-free!)
"The only one who can beat me is me." -Aomine Daiki, to just about everyone

"Your light is too dim." -To Kagami
by Aominecchi~ April 14, 2013