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Daiki is referred as the nicest guy in the world. Even though he has issues with love, He is usually generous. HE is really good at sports and can attract girls with a smile. If you are a Daiki, you are very lucky

Daiki is indeed a epic fortnite player and legend says that he also beat Ninja

Daiki is a little below average in terms of studies but he is well ahead in terms of sports for his age
Daiki is cool Af
by Hahauhahajshsbhz January 22, 2019
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any asian person, boy or girl, from any country at all.
Teacher: how many daikis are there in china?
Student: uhh... 1.3 billion daikis?
Teacher: correct! china has 1.3 billion daikis and they are being imported to the U.S.
by daikibro June 11, 2016
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Japanese nickname name given to a weak guy. Usually for the uke in a yaoi relationship
"That Daiki is such an uke!"
by Yaoishota December 19, 2014
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