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Dark haired boy. Has pretty eyes. Likes to ride anything with wheels. Pretty rad dude.
Did you see that Dagen on his bike over there?
by 2002_EPR May 15, 2014
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(girl) An astonishing girl with multiple talents. She is hardworking, studious, resilient, and a great friend to have. She is supportive and will kick some ass if needed. She loves to be loved, and likes cuddles. Even when down, she is there for her friends and is there for them 24/7. She will get things done, and is determined to do so. Dagen wants a successive job, preferably in the medical field, because she wants to help others. She makes friends so easily, and has the best laugh. She is beautiful even when she cries. When she cries, it's for a good reason. She lifts herself up, and is very confident, for good reason too. Overall, if you meet a Dagen, she is probably one of the best people you'll ever meet.
Oh my god Dagen!! She is amazing!!
by sassyspork November 10, 2018
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a regular dude that thinks he is metal as fuck and he really likes bicycles, tattoos, poops of all shapes, and macaroni and cheese. pretty rad. you would like him
hey guys, see that dagen on his bike?
by grapepupes March 18, 2011
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(girl) Dagen’s have been through a lot in life but they always find a way to make the people around them smile. They have amazing hearts and even better minds (they have pretty nice tits too). They’re smart when it comes to school but lack street smarts. Dagen’s aren’t commonly tall but they aren’t short either. They may seem awkward and shy at first but once they warm up to you, they’re the most loyal, kind-hearted, loving people you will ever meet. Dagen’s tend to fall for boys easily and get played but they are always all in in a relationship. They also have the most warming and beautiful smile. Whether as a best friend or a significant other, everyone should have a Dagen in their life.
Girl #1: “Who is the girl over in the corner? She looks shy.”
Girl #2: “Idk.”
Boy #1: “She’s got nice tits.”
Girl #2: “Ah probably a Dagen.”
by hotassfuckboy March 07, 2019
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