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A word with no meaning that is used interchangable for a word that does not exist in your vocabulary Or as a word that you know but would rather say Dagens-A-Cogens.
Dagens-A-Cogens is used primarily by a select few of very chill stoners from the northwest but is spreading rapidly.
Furthermore Dagens-A-Cogens is NOT and SHALL NOT be used as an insult! there are other words for that... see Dainbaits, Chobogon, Skogons-A-Bogons
At the skatepark...
(Joey): Get some Steven!!!
(Steven nollie 360 the spine)
(Steven): Oh man!!! That was soooo Dagens-A-Cogens!!!!!!
At the smoke hole...
(Joey, Steven, Wil)
Hand me that Dagens-a-Cogens (Pipe) so that we can we can
Dagens-A-Cogens (get stoned)I got the Dagens-A-Cogens!!! (Chronic)
by Chilly Wil March 23, 2008
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