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A millennial nickname that is used when remembering the NASCAR legend, Dale Earnhardt.
I pissed off some boomer race fans for DAEL.
by Lulz Train October 11, 2019
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He's a very nice guy and he's hot, he would do anything for you. He gets a lot of girls and he's the loyal boyfriend. He's the kind of friend that is not fake, and once you meet him you will get attached to him. Every time you see him you'll keep falling in love with him. He is funny, athletic, and really loyal. He's a one of a kind guy that would take a bullet for you. Keep loving him while you have him
Dael is the hottest guy in school I wish I was dating him.
Dael is so loyal to me I'm so lucky to have him, I keep falling in love with him.
by ๐Ÿ˜Dael๐Ÿ˜ February 21, 2018
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Noun: A person who thinks they are a bad ass. Also think that they are superbad.
Dude there is this one kid on my football team who thinks he is so bad.

Wow, what a dael bitch.
by superbad August 11, 2007
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Hot, Atractive, Person.
One of a kind. Usually an asian.
Maybe From Disney Channel, Or an Asian work from a Movie.
He is an mean person who sometimes think his cool.
Can be known as a fag, dick, etc.
Wow, what an Da El asshole.

He thinks his so cool, What a Da El.

Is he in an actor? A Da El?
by Jennifer Kelly Anderson July 04, 2011
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