Daddy’s money. A person that everything is handed to them in life. The are fed with a silver spoon. The most known daddy’s money is Aaron Blakeway.
Aaron why are you such a daddy’s money.
by Pussyslayerxxx67 December 21, 2019
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People who are given money from they're dad without having to work for it.
You just got daddy money

Driving round this benze thanks to daddy money.
by Raycharlesda3rd September 18, 2013
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Kids, typically white, wealthy girls under 18, who are given everything in life and have no real idea as to how the world really works.
"Lauren totalled her BMW but her dad bought her a new Jeep the next day." "Daddy's Money, am I right?"
by Sneaky Assassin March 20, 2021
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A term used by people who are so insufferably jealous of a young person's success and earnings that they try to make them feel bad about it because they have to compensate for how bad they feel about themselves
Must be nice always having Daddy's Money to spend on your cars! Or did Daddy buy that car and he's letting you drive it?
by momplshelp May 29, 2021
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Something Lincoln High Schools drumline and student section likes to yell at volleyball and football games. Especially when the referees are biased as hell.
by heyimbee October 6, 2018
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Usually referred to Niwot High School kids who suck at all sports but have money from their gay fathers.
The Niwot high school kid who drove a beamer had Daddy's Money and was a major feg.
by Lil Chuck of the 303 October 9, 2018
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A spoiled fake lesbian who kisses other girls for the numerous perks.

It is known as "Daddy's money" lesbian, because these girls often fit into such a social archetype.
Lisa got drunk at the yuppie frat party and kissed her friend Sharon, because she knew other guys were watching. She's a Daddy's money lesbian.
by anon1888 March 6, 2009
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