A Gay-er way of saying "Daddy" (Master)
My Dadda always spanks me silly
My Dadda always puts his "peepee" in my mouth when i obey him
Please Dadda, fuck me hard in my bunghole
Thanks Dadda
by Hellbert jesushater November 15, 2019
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A Dadda is used to describe those girls who dress in the tight paints with their boyfriends oversized T-shirts or Jerseys and The "Dadda" brand shoes. Generally the Dadda has a child or two as well, usually by different fathers.
Is that dadda working the taco bell drive thru pregnant?
by Krista231 April 10, 2007
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Daddy, but for horny people.

Basically like a sugar daddy... or a regular daddy if u really want it to be...
person A: hello there.
person B: daddae.
person A: yes.
*begins fucking*
by maybe the nobody July 17, 2020
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A name such as for of replacement for... Dad, father, daddy, dado, pops, papa, paps, pal, dude.. etc.
My dadda 😄 is so awesome!
by WarriorKittyGirl03 March 26, 2018
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Expression used by lowlifes instaed of "Ya Mom". These sad bastards think they are hard. Also a very poor comeback.
Dude: Wat did u do last nite
dude2:"Ya Mom" lol
Dude: Well...um..Ya Dadda
by wardi April 22, 2005
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Calling someone daddy in a peppa pig voice the said aids also in a peppa pig voice.
him: “call me daddy
me: (in a peppa pig voice) “daddae.. aids”
by daddypeppa213 March 05, 2020
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