3 definitions by Hellbert jesushater

A Gay-er way of saying "Daddy" (Master)
My Dadda always spanks me silly
My Dadda always puts his "peepee" in my mouth when i obey him
Please Dadda, fuck me hard in my bunghole
Thanks Dadda
by Hellbert jesushater November 15, 2019
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Something that it alright, but others not good, not good at all.
Person 1: I love boobs, thst is my fetish.
Person 2: I love that too Person one.
Furfag: I love nine year old male cubs enslaved in my fantasy dungon suffering while i raped them in the bungyhole with them drinking my urine and me howling at the basement lighting.
Person 2: .........
Person 1: Want to burn that bastard on a stake?
Person 2: Sure, Lets kill the disgusting pedophile.
Furfag: Wait, what no, i won't really do that NONONONONONO
by Hellbert jesushater May 13, 2019
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