He's a genius.very friendly and interesting to be with, though you might not understand him sometimes , he's always good at what he does and unique in his own way.
Friend: That's davinci coming.
Girl: he's such a genius.
by Da Vinci.442 May 4, 2020
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Creative people often get more ideas and visions faster than they can implement them, making them unable to complete a project before rushing off to the next
The DaVinci Syndrome is named for Leonardo DaVinci who is a prime example of this habit with starting more projects than he ever finished
by MNV November 16, 2009
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1 Leonardo's lesser known cousin who mainly used crayon and fingerpaint as his medium.

2 someone with such a lack of drawing skills that you don't even want to play pictionary with them.
Who drew this stick figure, Retardo DaVinci?
by KennyRex January 27, 2011
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Born 1452 in florence (april 15th).

Famous painter and inventor and scientist , he made many famous paintings including the world famous Mona lisa also known as the La Gioconda , also The last supper .

He also created plans for incredible machines that took centuries for mankind to finally achieve , like the : helicopter , submarine and steam cannons and more , unfortunately many of his inventions where not practical .

Leonardo was more a sketcher than a painter , making famous sketches of inventions he thought , many sketches of paintings he wanted to do and of course , after studying many human corpses ( as was allowed for scholars at the time .) made many drawings of human anathomy .

Over all , Leonardo Davinci was a genius well known around the world .
Leonardo Davinci was , painter ,scholar and scientist of the 15th century .
by P.A. 037 February 9, 2010
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The Davinci Code is a book written by Dan Brown, though not using his own imagination. It is inspired by, and partially based on, two books written before his "work of art". It is a factually incorrect novel, put on the fiction shelf for a reason.

From the first page of the Davinci Code, you are hit with a lie wrapped in truth's clothing. Dan Brown creates this 'secret society' hidden by the Vatican, to be seen as a horrible and awful group. In truth, this secret society did exist - but not to commit crimes. Their goal was solely to help people in the way Christ would have wanted them to be helped, but in secret. They didn't want to make a name for themselves.

Second, you are lied to by having the "fact" that the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1950 and they contained secrets about Jesus, shoved down your throat. First of all, the Dead Sea Scrolls were found in 1947 and have NOTHING to do with texts called The Nag Hammadi (containing what is called the "Gnostic Gospels" by Dan Brown). Second, the Dead Sea Scrolls were written ONE HUNDRED YEARS BEFORE JESUS LIVED. How could these texts contain ANY information regarding Jesus' life?

Next, read the Nag Hammadi before you believe that they have anti-Christ-divinity writings in them. They only proclaim and renounce the divinity of Jesus, not denounce.

Also, the people who wrote these texts were BEFORE Constantine (the emperor who legalized Christianity). They were not of great influence - they risked their lives to share God's love.

Dan Brown wrote a good book. His facts were just very, very, very off. If he did his proper research, he wouldn't have even written the novel. It's too ridiculous when you sit to think about it.

The Davinci Code is a work of art, and fiction. Not a work of history, and truth.

The Davinci Code is less credible than Biblical Texts which it attempts to denounce and discredit.
by sketchxartistxcomposite May 14, 2006
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1. A suck book.
2. Resulted in a horrible movie.
3. Book & movie spawned horrible game.
Morgan Webb: This game sucks....(On 'The Davinci Code' Game)
by Mandingo Pride July 11, 2006
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A video editor's drug away from the virgin that is Adobe Premiere Pro. Once you switched, you'll never come back.

A non-linear editing program developed by Blackmagic Design initially as a professional color grading software that later on developed into a full featured NLE with a free version and a Studio version that comes with more effects, advanced color grading, a neural engine (in the newer version 17), and support for editing at resolutions higher than 4K and HDR support. An industry standard NLE that actually uses hardware correctly unlike the other virgin.
The Chad Davinci Resolve: high performance, very stable, nice interface, good effects, uses GPU based encoders very nicely, NVENC support out of the box.

The virgin Premiere Pro: decent performance, crashes every time you try to save a barely complex timeline, hard to learn, basic effects, uses GPU like it's the stone ages, bad NVENC support.
by ThatFluffyJello February 2, 2021
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