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Rule number 5 in Wilbur Soot's YLYL stream rules. (Or as I like to call it "The Wilbur Soot Commandments of The Funny").

This rule was an entry in the rules of the YLYL series hosted by Wilbur Soot on his YouTube channel and streamed on Twitch. This rule came forward as an inside joke between the community because orbits (loona stans, can also be considered as gay theorists, including me) used the mediashare platform Wilbur uses on his YLYL streams often to play Loona music videos on his streams in front of the audience. This turned into an inside joke that his audience is half orbits (which is probably true), until later being nullified (although not removed the rules) with the creation of rule 10, Ignore rule number 5, due to the overuse of Loona music videos in his streams.

This rule was also the reason I am now an orbit. And jokes aside, stan loona. Stream star and why not.
Rule number 1, no boomers, rule number two, no zoomers, rule number 3, no weebs (under penalty of death (I'm looking at you, Phil!)), rule number 4, no marvel stans, rule number 5, stan loona, rule number 6, no K-pop, rule number 7, no my little pony friendship is fuck, rule number 8, no videos I've seen before, rule number 9, staged videos are shit, rule number 10, eggroll, ignore rule number 5, and lastly rule number 11, loud videos are sometimes funny.
by ThatFluffyJello February 2, 2021
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The British way of saying license. Used as a joke by reta... I mean Americans on how the British people require licenses for everything, basically the anti-freedom meta Americans are trying to push against the tea smugglers.
*gets shanked*
Cheems: officer, this wanker roight 'ere shanked me.
Officer: *bonks Cheems* well d'ya have a gettin' shanked loisance ya fookin muppet?
by ThatFluffyJello February 2, 2021
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A subreddit filled with self-proclaimed retards and degenerates who managed to drain the money reserves of big hedge fund at the end of January 2021. Uses the robinhood app to trade and uses their own homegrown money-losing tactic called the yolo strat.
some dude: yo GameStop stocks are rising, pog.
some redditor: r/wallstreetbets go yeet lmao. very wholesome 100 keanu reeves big chungus.
big hedge funds: *fricking dies*
by ThatFluffyJello February 2, 2021
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A video editor's drug away from the virgin that is Adobe Premiere Pro. Once you switched, you'll never come back.

A non-linear editing program developed by Blackmagic Design initially as a professional color grading software that later on developed into a full featured NLE with a free version and a Studio version that comes with more effects, advanced color grading, a neural engine (in the newer version 17), and support for editing at resolutions higher than 4K and HDR support. An industry standard NLE that actually uses hardware correctly unlike the other virgin.
The Chad Davinci Resolve: high performance, very stable, nice interface, good effects, uses GPU based encoders very nicely, NVENC support out of the box.

The virgin Premiere Pro: decent performance, crashes every time you try to save a barely complex timeline, hard to learn, basic effects, uses GPU like it's the stone ages, bad NVENC support.
by ThatFluffyJello February 2, 2021
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