DTF is an abbreviation for "Down to Fuck" - meaning ready to fuck.
My roomie, Matt, is always DTF!
by eda-skip October 20, 2021
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Your DTF everyday!
I didnt wanna date the ho, I was just DTF.
by dmplesUT December 12, 2002
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Desiring Thorough Fornication

Alt: Down To Fuck
1“The Half Windsor knot in the work place is a clear sign that someone is DTF.”

2 I’m sure your mother is always DTF
by Conundrum of Philosophy February 24, 2021
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That girl is such a nymph, she doesn't need alcohol to be DTF.
by tippmann May 31, 2010
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down to fuck any 1

She's DTF, She wants my dick in or around her mouth!
- SuperBad
by KENDALL L January 1, 2008
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A term used to describe a girl who is "Down To Fuck."
Matt-"I got this breezy for you Jake."
Jake-"Is she hot?"
Matt-"Yeah son, and she's DTF."
Jake-"Tight, hook it up."
by DJ Blournie Stone March 25, 2008
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Hugh Mungus: So did you study for the biology test?
Scoobert Doobert: Nope. I'm currently DTF.
by gou-fi gouber December 12, 2016
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