3 definitions by Conundrum of Philosophy

A noun used towards a male friend who has gotten human stools on his glands penis due to engaging in anal sex.
Did you hear that Keegan’s a shitdick
by Conundrum of Philosophy March 1, 2021

Desiring Thorough Fornication

Alt: Down To Fuck
1“The Half Windsor knot in the work place is a clear sign that someone is DTF.”

2 I’m sure your mother is always DTF
by Conundrum of Philosophy February 24, 2021
Love is an emotion expressed among individuals. There are different kinds of love. The Greeks thought of love in six different ways. Erotic love, Brotherhood love, playful love, selfless love, longstanding love and love of yourself. People often think of the first two, a love between partners and a love of families and brotherhoods
"I love you dad."
Bruh I love this guy."
by Conundrum of Philosophy September 18, 2017