a very harsh slang word for a boys private part penis
something your mother would not tell you to say
Betty sue called evan a doops for taking her chicken nuggets.

george watson is a doops.

doops come in many shapes and sizes.

doops come in vanilla, mocha, and chocolate.
by katieeeeeeeeee December 30, 2006
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The slang for poop to make you sound cool even though you're the one who's about to stink up you're friend's bathroom.
I'm done writing this, I'm gonna go take a big doop.
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by DinosaurGeorge September 14, 2020
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To ditch someone last minute; or to have mega sex; related to guck or jikked
1. She dooped us at the mall yo!
2. dude, imna doop your mom sooo hard. She's pretty skeezy herself.
by Rob Gnarly March 14, 2010
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V. The Act of taking a dab of concentrate shortly followed by a poop
Hey I gotta Doop before we leave.
by GingaStar June 08, 2019
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