An adjective for weirdos and geeks, it is a saying for one who was fooled by someone else.
Barry: I thought that stripper would fuckin' fuck me, yo.
Benjamin: Lol news flash! She was totally dooping on ya. Take notes next time for Christ's sakes!
Barry: You got a notepad? Exactly, you poor asshole.
Benjamin: Shut up, assed-out stoner with daily high bills.
by aversatilefella July 05, 2013
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To mess up something that any other person with common sense could do right
Why isnt the remote working?....Doops i forgot the batteries
by Alaina b September 18, 2007
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To use the bathroom after anal sex, resulting in white-colored turds.
I heard Cindy yelling last night, and when I went to see why, I saw she'd doop'd in the bathroom.
by Bloodsail Admiral January 06, 2009
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A very big poop that is still coming out of your butt and it hits the water before it's pinched out of your butthole
Dude!, i just took the biggest doop of my life!
by Daniel and michael February 22, 2009
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Another reference to crap or doodie
Margaret refuses to use the term doop.
by Jezca January 19, 2003
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a very harsh slang word for a boys private part penis
something your mother would not tell you to say
Betty sue called evan a doops for taking her chicken nuggets.

george watson is a doops.

doops come in many shapes and sizes.

doops come in vanilla, mocha, and chocolate.
by katieeeeeeeeee December 30, 2006
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