The name of a Green Day album which also means poo. The CD was originally going to be titled "Liquid Dookie" because the band kept on getting sick from eating spoiled food while touring, but that was deemed "too gross".
by Somethinginasizefour July 16, 2009
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past tense for crap: obscene terms for feces
How fast do you think this Ferrari goes? Fast enough! I think i just dookied in my pants!!!

Ewe! You just dookied!!
by MBCman198 March 25, 2011
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Damn, thats a huge dooky in that toilit, Joe
by Anonymous July 26, 2003
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1.A bad smell
2.Feces (poopoo)
3.A CD by Greenday
4.An insult used by little kids
1.Eww, this sandwich smells like dookie
2.Whoops, the dookie is knockin, better go see a man about some brownies.
3.I like Basket Case on Dookie
4.Haha, dookie man! You are a dookie man!
by woahzer April 23, 2005
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To take a shit on someone, usually their forehead

"OMG Kai you dookied on that kid"

"Ik i dookie on them all the time"
by Kai wrote this January 07, 2020
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