Text slang for Video-On-Demand. Usually referring to live streams on YouTube/Twitch.
"Hey dude, when are you gonna upload the vod of last nights stream to YouTube?"
by MermanGang August 25, 2020
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The cool way to say vodka, or you're just a fuckin wuer.
by Anonymous March 6, 2003
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to overdose on the energy drink "V" (V Over Dose)
Man I was so vod yesterday
by Terbo March 14, 2007
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what people on youtube/twitch misspell "vid" (short for video) as
commenter: plz upload ur next vod
youtuber: lmao what
by garbeargao August 15, 2020
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A techno-geek acronym for Video-On-Demand. Usually referring to video on websites available for download, or referring to a feature offered by cable/satellite TV providers.
Oh snap, Half Baked is on VOD this week. Baby, fetch Wesley Pipes for me...
by Zikat August 16, 2006
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Another shortened word for vodka
Let's go to the store and get some vods.
by Brandon Eldridge December 20, 2004
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VOD frog(s) is a term used to describe a person/people who don't watch live streams on twitch.tv and instead watch the VOD
Streamer: This song will get the VOD muted.
Chat: Who cares about the VOD frogs
by Joshua_1234 September 24, 2019
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