Dream Survival Multiplayer Server
Popular Minecraft semi-roleplay series

Ft. Streamers/Youtubers such as:
Dream (wastaken)
Philza Minecraft
"Did you see Techno's most recent dsmp stream?"

"No bro I follow Tommy's pov"
by owmybones January 16, 2021
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A group of mcyts (minecraft youtubers) that created a smp ( a survival multiplayer) game of minecraft and crest lore on the server!
The DSMP lore is so good recently!
by bees_world January 06, 2022
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indicates that the tweet is about the events happening in the Dream SMP, its an easy tag to search up to find out what others are tweeting about
wtf is quackity doing /dsmp
by fraugdef December 06, 2020
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Dsmp is one of the reasons I’m still here, Dsmp is and Minecraft sever with people who do live streams on app called twitch. Sometimes they will do funny streams other times Serious but they always will put a smile on your face. And I’m really glad they came into my life or I would probably wouldn’t be alive right now.
And they had helped me though really hard times in life.
Person 1: hey have you seen technoblades got cancer

Person 2: yea it’s really sad but I hope he gets better

Person 1: yea but technoblade never dies

person 2: hey instead of being sad let’s go watch Dsmp together

Person 1: yea let’s go !

(Techno support)
by Olivia7230 September 25, 2021
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short for, dream smp. A bunch of losers who role play or something like that on twitch, on a game called Minecraft. Has a bunch of 9-14 year old fans who think dsmp is attractive. if you are apart of that 1% then your dumb and stupid and ugly and stupid and ugly. The reason why no one likes Minecraft now.
weirdo: that guy from dsmp is soo hawt!! I love dsmp they’re so poggers! I’m 9 btw :3

?: your the reason the ocean is polluted I hate you your annoying go kill yo
by user55533321 December 03, 2021
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It’s basically the reason some people are still alive. It’s a Minecraft server with the person who created it being dream, it has a good and toxic side to the fandom<3
“The dsmp makes me the happiest I’ve ever been”
by Amara<3 September 03, 2021
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Dsmp is a group of mc youtubers. They are many different age groups. The hottest member is Karl jacobs for sure.
Friend-"who is the dsmp"
Me-"b1-ch if you don't know it's a group of people playing mc and vlogging for a living"
by Anomyoussosvxvv October 07, 2021
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