Some retarded controller installed on Singapore students' Personal Learning Devices.
This DMA software is free, but you don't have a choice whether to install it or not.
DMA was supposed to help our learning, now it stops important leaning apps from downloading.
by Don'tQuestionWhoIAm July 11, 2021
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Dick in My Ass

An expression that can replace the expression "a pain in my ass" (He's a DMA),

Can replace fml -fuck my life- (My dad is a downy. DMA...),

Or can be used in it's literal term of receiving anal sex (Woops! I dropped the soap... What's that pinch in my backside? OH HELLL NO! there's a DMA!).

It can also be used instead of curse words such as "SHIT".
(*Stubs toe* FUCKING DMA!)
I would put a DMA too... If I was gay!... And I am, so I do have a DMA!
by MofoFoShoNoHomo December 5, 2010
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"The George N. Parks Drum Major Academy"

A camp that takes place all across the United States every summer. This camp is the "Academy" for High School and College Drum Majors, where they learn about leadership, conducting, and marching.

George N. Parks, with his staff, is the mastermind behind this Academy, and with 30 years of teaching/"Drum Majoring", he teaches over 3,000 Drum Majors every year.
"I learned how to conduct at DMA"
"DMA taught me so much about being a Drum Major"
by Dylan1482 July 3, 2006
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Designated Market Area

A unique geographic area defined by Nielsen Media Research so that the entire U.S. is assigned to one of some 210 DMAs.

refers to a grouping of counties, usually by metro area, that share the same or similar media offerings including television, radio, and newspaper.

Standard established by Nielsen Media Research used to determine a broadcast station’s market area
by Glory-Days September 26, 2011
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Doesn't Mean Anything.
It just DMA. Plain DMA.
by Antispark April 23, 2008
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DMA - The acronym stands for Digital Marketing Artistry, an online Marketing and Personal Development Business.
I follow DMA on Facebook.

DMA has the best motivational wallpapers you can find.
by danesq March 18, 2019
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Double My Age: An achievement on a young man's sexual bucket list.
Was that your mom? Nah bro, she was my DMA
by Not your DMA November 3, 2015
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