I cant believe it - He sits at his desk with a DLE looking at porno sites.
Woohaa - I popped 4 viagras and had a DLE
I cant catch public transport with a DLE
by Arthur Stagg October 24, 2005
People from Oundle School. To be honest guys, does it really matter which school you go to, I myself used to be gay like this. But next year when we aren't at school any more what are you going to do? Claim that your better than someone because of the place you were educated?! I've been to Oundle and Oakham as a pupil, they are both different, but I had just as much fun at both. Now fill in the Chips on your shoulders and get over yourselves. Have a nice day, and good luck in the A-levels! Love Audley x x x
Public school rivalry. Who cares, find something better to do with your time! Like knobbing Mary Jane or studying.
by Charlie Audley April 14, 2005
people who go, or are associated with the filthy Oundle School
'I fcukin hate the 'dle, almost as much as i hate the ping'
by Anonymous October 26, 2003
fucking legends from oundle school, i wish i went to oundle so i could be like them. they are sooooo cool.
oakham are shit.
by Sam halabi ahma January 16, 2004
to handle or take care of something ordinarily or sexually
look someone needs to take the trash out so dle it.

That girl really isn't THAT fine...But I'd dle it anyways.
by DeuceDeuceOB185 April 24, 2012
Like L-O-L, loo-dle is the expression of extreme happiness, or in place of "fuck". Some times if said to a fat ass it is used instead of "fat".
Loo-dle! I kicked ass in that game!


I loo-dled your mom last night.


Move out the way you fucking loo-dle
by Givemecookie9 April 29, 2009
(G)I-DLE’s a south-korean girl group which debuted under cube entertainment. It consists of 6 members— Soyeon, Miyeon, Soojin, Shuhua, Yuqi, Minnie. stan them tku ❤️
Yoojin : Hey! Did you hear (G)I-DLE’s new track?

Haeun : Yea, HANN, was amazing! So was their debut single, LATATA !!
by yehshuhua September 9, 2018