One of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. She can be funny, weird and kind but don't mess with her or you'll regret it! She can do anything if she tries and often makes a lot of friends. She'll try to be perfect and if she fails she just laughs it off. She might make a lot of mistakes but no ones perfect! She's the kind of girl that will help cheer everyone else up even if she's dieting inside. Hot. Beautiful. Amazing. Perfect imperfection.
Omg it's that yuqi? Yeah you should talk to her she's hot and she won't embarrass you
by zzzzzebraaa May 23, 2015
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Is lead vocalist, lead dancer, composer, lyricist and producer from the south korean girl group (G)I-DLE
Yuqi has a deep and beautiful voice
by qiqiclub March 10, 2021
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Joey: Who's that hot girl with Dom?
Nat: She's is Yuqi! She was voted as Singapore's hottest babe in 2011!
by dumbodom September 7, 2011
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